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Samsung SDI Unveils E-Bike Battery Pack That Runs 100km with Single Charge at Eurobike 2015

To exhibit high-capacity 500Wh e-bike battery pack at Eurobike in Germany

Samsung SDI (President & CEO: NamSeong Cho), unveiled an e-bike battery pack that can run for 100 km with a single battery charge. The company will participate at the Eurobike 2015 on August 26 (Wednesday) in Friedrichshafen, Germany to showcase its various lithium-ion battery technologies for electric bicycles.

Eurobike is the world’s largest bicycle trade fair that has around 1,300 industry companies from 54 different countries attending each year. Starting from 2012, this year will mark Samsung SDI’s fourth participation.

Samsung SDI will exhibit six types of standardized battery packs that can either be built inside or installed on the outside for immediate use. It will also display 12 types of battery packs that are currently being supplied to global manufacturing companies and the cells of various specifications. Another technology worth noticing is the addition of a Bluetooth function which will enable users to check on their smartphones for residual battery, remaining distance, and other data, while riding their bicycles.

The 500Wh battery pack, unveiled for the first time by Samsung SDI, has achieved its slim size by incorporating high capacity cells and superior battery pack technology. It can also run for a 100km with a single charge by having maximized energy storage.

Recent vitalization of eco-friendly e-bicycle market and higher demand for long distance products – due to the diversification of usage in leisure, commuting, and others – have prompted Samsung SDI to develop its high capacity battery packs.

Samsung SDI unveiled an e-bike battery pack that can run for 100 km with a single battery charge at the Eurobike 2015


Samsung SDI also unveiled a battery pack product equipped with 21700 batteries, noted for their upgraded energy capacity compared to previous cylindrical types. The 18650 battery, or rather the small cylindrical battery of 18mm diameter and 65mm length, has been in dominant use until recently. However, the creation of new battery applications has boosted the demand for high capacity batteries. In response, Samsung SDI has come up with a battery that has upgraded a maximum of 35% of energy volume, now known as the 21700 battery, and has successfully applied it onto e-bikes for the first in the world.

The 21700 model can have various applications other than e-bike, such as in electric tools, laptops, and more. It is expected to become the new standard in small cylindrical battery usage.

Meanwhile, Japan’s secondary cell market research company called B3 has estimated that Samsung SDI will follow up its past record of being No.1 for two consecutive years since 2013 in the e-bike lithium-ion battery market and will also come out as the leader this year with a total market share of 25%.

With its development of high capacity e-bike battery packs, Samsung SDI will enforce its leading status in the battery market for electric bicycles, also affiliated with the rapidly developing new battery application field.

According to market research companies such as Navigant Research and Bike Europe, the global e-bike market is estimated to have reached the number of around 34 million bikes this year. B3 stated in their data that the replacement rate of lead-acid batteries in China has been on the rise and as a result, the demand for e-bike lithium-ion batteries will mark 163 million cells by the end of 2015, which is a 14% increase from last year.

JaeHo Ahn, executive vice president & head of battery pack business division of Samsung SDI commented earlier that, “Samsung SDI’s high capacity battery packs will dramatically increase the mileage of electric bicycles and this will create new demands in the e-bike industry.” He added, “As the No.1 company of small scale-batteries, we will continue to build up the market for new battery application.”

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Eaton to Provide Power Management Solutions for Five Community Solar Projects in Colorado

Power management company Eaton today announced a contract to provide electrical distribution equipment and engineering services for an 8.2-megawatt (MW) community solar installation in Colorado. Eaton’s solutions will help support safe, cost-effective and reliable power generation at five sites in Colorado, including Denver and Colorado Springs. Upon completion, the five community solar installations are predicted to generate enough to power more than 1,600 homes for 20 years. The terms of the contract were not disclosed.

Eaton is working with SunShare on these projects. SunShare will provide customer management, subscriptions and billing. Under power purchase agreements, municipal Colorado Springs Utilities will utilize the energy produced in Colorado Springs and Xcel Energy will purchase the energy produced in Denver.

“Community-based solar has great potential to serve as a solution to meeting our nation’s growing energy demands,” said John Vernacchia, global segment manager for renewable energy at Eaton. “By combining the capabilities of Eaton’s proven power management solutions with the expertise of SunShare, the installation will help improve the way Colorado municipalities produce and consume electrical energy.”

The project will incorporate Eaton’s solar balance of system (BOS) solutions and engineering services to help support safe, cost-effective and reliable solar generation. Under the contract, Eaton will supply a range of electrical power management products, including: switchboards, panelboards, combiner boxes, loadcenters with dry-type transformers, and circuit protection solutions.

Eaton’s regional Customer Manufacturing Solution Center (CMSC) developed customized switchboard assemblies to support the projects. The switchboards will include integrated service entrance and solar power distribution, utility and customer metering, remote switching, and configured relaying in a compact package to reduce the physical footprint of electrical distribution equipment. All switchboards will be fabricated, wired and factory tested prior to delivery to reduce installation time, labor and cost.

To help enhance safety and reliability, Eaton’s Electrical Services and Systems Division – one of the largest and most experienced teams of power system engineers in the industry – will perform short circuit, electrical coordination and arc flash studies at each of the sites.

With a robust portfolio of electrical balance of system solutions for solar installations, and a team of experienced engineers, Eaton provides power management equipment and software tailored to customer requirements and the skills needed to successfully complete a project, from initial design and application assistance through post-installation measurement, verification and maintenance. For more information, visit

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[HannoverMesse] RoTrack – an Autonomous Telematics System in M2M Technology

RoTrack – an Autonomous Telematics System in M2M Technology

RoTrack – an Autonomous Telematics System in M2M Technology

Even today, there are many application areas in which companies can use M2M technology. In the coming years, M2M will establish itself as one of the key technologies in many industrial branches.

With its “RoTrack-GPS-1000”, Rosenberger offers an autonomous telematics system for positioning, tracking and sensoring of objects and opens up new application fields in the area of M2M, IoT and Industry 4.0.

RoTrack-GPS-1000 in detail:

Energy autarkic telematics system – power supply by internal off-the-shelf battery
Low electric power consumption – 1.400 messages with one battery pack
IP 65 housing
Up to 4.000 position data in internal storage (if transmission via GSM-net is not available)
Web portal for localization, dispatching and asset monitoring in real time available
Compatible with other established M2M
For information in detail, please see the Rosenberger M2M

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[HannoverMesse] Guide rollers for the plastic film industry

Guide rollers for the plastic film industry

Guide rollers for the plastic film industry

JESA bearing solutions, a developer and manufacturer of solutions based on ball or needle bearings for over 40 years, is standardizing a series of specific chain rollers for plastic film stretching machines. More than ten years have passed since the Fribourg company started the production of the “LR 202” roller type for major plastic film producers in Germany. A specific range has been created to meet demand appropriately.

Plastic film stretching machine – the process

Following a controlled cooling process, the film goes through a first stretching machine that draws it out length-wise. It is stretched as it passes through the machine with the help of drive rollers which are rotating at different speeds. In the next step, the film is stretched width-wise by means of a second machine. The film is pinched on each side by carriages on bearings; it is heated and then stretched. Forces and transverse loads can reach up to 3,500 N per carriage. The materials and ball bearings have to withstand temperatures from 100 to 250°C and production speeds between 100 and 500m/min according to the required film thickness.

A range of technical specifications in line with demand

JESA is offering several sizes and types of sealing in order to match most models of plastic film stretching machines. The basic type, “LR202 2BRS” (D40mm d15mm and L11mm) has a dynamic load carrying capacity (CwT) of 5,800N and also comes in two other sizes with outer diameters of 34 and 42 mm. A type with two rows of balls “LRD 17/40-18 KLL” is also available for the most demanding applications. Two sealing solutions are planned: a Viton labyrinth seal for single row ball bearings and a steel labyrinth lid for double row ball bearings.

Obviously, other options and dimensions can be made to measure if the application is different from the current specifications used by JESA.

Decreased maintenance and energy consumption for increased productivity

Developed and produced in Switzerland and approved by German industry for over a decade, these rollers are made from a metal alloy which is heat treated for high temperatures (250°C) and 100% controlled in Switzerland. Regarding the efficiency of the system, JESA has made every effort to make this product energy efficient: superfinished raceways and Viton friction seals provide optimized efficiency and improved accuracy in operation. As for lubricating, lifelong lubrication specially designed for high temperatures takes place on both sides of the roller system to ensure the lubricant is distributed more efficiently during operation.

In addition to this standardization, JESA will meet your request in a personalized way

At JESA, each application is processed and analysed individually by specialist engineers. JESA is aware that the details are an integral part of the product and contribute to its success and long lifecycle. The above technologies such as special steels, low friction or other seals can be combined at will to meet the needs of customers.

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[HannoverMesse] Delta Electronics at Hannover Messe 2015: Smart Solutions for Automation and Energy Management

Delta Electronics

Delta Electronics, Inc. will exhibit a full spectrum of smart solutions for automation and energy management applications during Hannover Messe 2015 from April 13th to 17th. Delta echoes Hannover Messe’s “Integrated Industry – Join the Network” lead theme for its 2015 by enabling highly integrated intelligent industrial automation, visualization and control technologies (SCARA, iPEMS™, machinery automation), smart energy storage and management systems (BESS, Delta Energy Online) and energy-efficient infrastructure for datacenters (InfraSuite, large-power UPS).

Delta’s highlights at Hannover Messe 2015will be:

– Industrial Automation Solutions for industrial facilities and processes that aim to achieve high levels of integration, productivity and energy efficiency. These include: Production automation for beverage lines and food packaging; machinery automation for injection molding equipment and gantry, energy regeneration systems for cranes and elevators.

Visitors will experience live demos of Delta’s new SCARA DRS40L Series solution, a robot arm system that improves daily productivity by up to 3 times while limiting the need for manpower in several industrial processes such as insertion, screw locking, assembly, coating, soldering, transporting and packaging for consumer electronics, rubber, plastic packaging processes (available in Taiwan/China in 2015).

– Intelligent Monitoring and Management System iPEMS™ is a revolutionary, highly adaptable and customizable total solution that integrates IoT technology with Delta’s DVCS advanced vision control system. iPEMS™ enables monitoring of more than 10 million supervision points in real-time, ultra high-resolution visualization with intuitive SCADA graphics and with big data mining and analysis These features have, for example, become a valuable support for effective decision-making processes within the industrial operations of a major oil & gas firm, thus helping realize significant improvements in both operational and energy efficiency.

– Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is an innovative, smart, modular and flexible solution complementary with renewable energy systems in smart grid installations for an effective optimization of building energy balances. Delta will show the BESS at Hannover Messe 2015 integrated with renewable (photovoltaic) systems, electric vehicle chargers and energy-efficient street lighting. The BESS leverages several energy-saving technologies developed by Delta.

– Delta Energy Online is an enterprise-grade energy management solution to fulfill the needs of the extendable energy supervisory architectures. Its comprehensive capabilities in providing real-time and historical energy consumption data, effective diagnosis and smart control of energy usage help to achieve energy saving targets.

– InfraSuite Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions is an optimal option for IT managers that strive to implement “green data centers” through significant improvements in energy consumption and in operational efficiency. InfraSuite includes the newly-launched air-cooled type RowCool 35kW, the high-temp chilled water RowCool with cooling capacity up to 60kW to optimize the investment with a single cooling unit, and the DCIM (Datacenter Infrastructure Management) for comprehensive monitoring and management of data centers.

– New 3-phase large-power 500kVA Ultron DPS Series UPS (uninterruptible power supply) with 96% AC-AC efficiency, suitable for mission critical applications such as telecommunications, manufacturing and datacenters.

– Innovative Telecom Power Systems: Delta will exhibit the super-silent Hybrid Power system for which secures reliable and uninterrupted power supply even in remote and rural areas with unreliable or unavailable power grid, significantly lowers OPEX, optimizes the use of energy and significantly lowers CO2 emissions. The Small Cell telecom power supply unit is specifically designed for supporting smaller 4G-network radio cells. It offers excellent power density, silent operation and a modern design, seamlessly fitting in the metropolitan and residential environments. Our exhibited telecom rectifiers are equipped with cutting edge technology, allowing more than 97% efficiency and outstanding power density. They serve for up to 7% lower site energy consumption, delivering significant OPEX savings.

Delta’s stand at Hannover Messe 2015: A49, Hall 11.

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[HANNOVER MESSE] Research & Technology fair to showcase Industry 4.0 security solutions

Data security essential to Industry 4.0


“Germany specializes in researching, developing and supplying manufacturing technologies and is the world’s leading factory outfitter.” This statement by the Industry 4.0 Working Group formed by Germany’s Business-Science Research Alliance, underscores the enormous role the industrial sector plays for Germany and its global clientele. The exhibitors in the Research & Technology show being under the umbrella of HANNOVER MESSE from 13 to 17 April will demonstrate the tremendous value of close collaboration between the research community and industry, and how accelerated technology transfer can benefit everyone involved.

How secure is Industry 4.0?
Industry 4.0 is an important part of the German government’s high-tech strategy because it is the key to achieving the full integration of all manufacturing technologies and systems. The ultimate objective is the so-called “smart factory,” a highly flexible manufacturing environment that meets the most stringent resource efficiency and ergonomic standards and is digitally interlinked with all parts of the value chain, from upstream suppliers to downstream customers. Cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things will form the backbone of our smart factory future. However, the experts agree that this future will not be possible without robust security. “IT security is one of the critical success factors that will make or break the practical feasibility of comprehensive Industry 4.0 solutions,” said Olaf Sauer from the Karlsruhe-based Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation (Fraunhofer IOSB). Key challenges in this context included the protection of intellectual property, manufacturing networks, and all communications within companies and between companies and the outside world. A system for incorporating security features into a manufacturing plant’s automation architecture had also not yet been developed. According to Sauer, security should be a key consideration at all stages of a plant’s lifecycle, from the initial design phase through to construction, commissioning and daily operation.

Fraunhofer IOSB to present SecurePLUGandWORK project
Visitors to the Fraunhofer IOSB stand at this year’s Research & Technology show will have the opportunity to learn about a cutting edge Industry 4.0 project dubbed “SecurePLUGandWORK.” The project is a joint initiative of Fraunhofer IOSB, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Its principal goal is to use open M2M communication standards, such as AutomationML and OPC UA, to enable the self-configuration of software-driven production processes across all levels of an automation architecture.

AutomationML is an open, XML-based standard series (IEC 62714) that is used to describe and model production plants and plant components. Its ultimate objective is to facilitate seamless data exchange between the different IT tools used by plant manufacturers and operators. This, in turn, significantly expedites production changeover and commissioning processes. OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is a platform-independent set of industrial standards (IEC 62541) for interconnectivity between industrial automation devices and systems (M2M communication) that is based on a service-oriented architecture.

OPC-UA replaces existing OPC specifications and is already in widespread use in the manufacturing sector. A joint working group comprised of representatives of the German AutomationML Association and the OPC Foundation and headed by Miriam Schleipen of Fraunhofer IOSB has been working on a unified version of both standards since early 2014.

Self-networking components
The ability of manufacturing operations to autonomously adjust to change is the holy grail of Industry 4.0 IT architecture. Examples of “change” in this context include new plant or production processes that need to be incorporated into an existing production system, or adjustments that need to be made to an existing production line in order to cater for a new product variant. Industry 4.0 experts call this “self-regulating production,” a term which is no longer just used in reference to physical processes but is increasingly also applied to manufacturing software.

“The basic principle is similar to the USB and plug & play technologies used in PCs. New components, machines or plants that get introduced to an existing production system establish connectivity with that system via standard protocols, identify themselves and provide information about their functionality. The same mechanism applies when software-related changes are made to the system,” explained Olaf Sauer.

However, it’s important that only authenticated components are given access to a factory’s internal data networks – a safeguard which is still lacking in existing industrial ICT architectures. Changing this will require a concerted effort by ICT experts and industrial engineers. That’s why the SecurePLUGandWORK project team, for instance, is a multidisciplinary group of people comprising engineers, software developers and automation specialists.

Fraunhofer IOSB is in the process of setting up a state-of-the-art IT security laboratory to test the security of Industry 4.0 IT systems under real-world conditions, for instance by simulating different cyberattack scenarios and searching for vulnerabilities in production automation systems.

“The findings will be used to develop analysis tools that will determine the level of security of a manufacturer’s digital systems,” explained Birger Krägelin, IT Security Officer at Fraunhofer IOSB. “We also want to analyze and simulate the potential impact of hacker attacks.” Fraunhofer IOSB hopes that its research will ultimately lead to safe industrial ICT networks, authentication processes and encryption technologies as well as improved training of personnel involved in setting up and operating secure production networks. Fraunhofer IOSB will be showcasing key parts of its laboratory at this year’s Research & Technology show to help visitors understand the critical importance of IT security to the Industry 4.0 vision.

HANNOVER MESSE – Get new technology first!
The world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology is staged annually in Hannover, Germany. The next HANNOVER MESSE will run from 13 to 17 April 2015 and feature India as its official Partner Country. HANNOVER MESSE 2015 will comprise ten flagship fairs: Industrial Automation • Motion, Drive & Automation (MDA) • Energy • Wind • MobiliTec • Digital Factory • ComVac • Industrial Supply • Surface Technology • Research & Technology. The upcoming event will place a strong emphasis on Industrial Automation and IT, Power Transmission and control, Energy and Environmental Technologies, Industrial Subcontracting, Production Engineering and Services and Research & Development.

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[HANNOVER MESSE] Global Business & Markets – hub for global networking

– EU Industry Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska to open Global Business & Markets 2015
– Industrial locations from across the globe showcase their advantages and opportunities at Europe’s biggest foreign trade platform

The “Global Business & Markets” showcase at HANNOVER MESSE represents a unique platform for supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their business activities abroad. Elżbieta Bieńkowska, the new EU Commissioner for the Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, will kick off a series of conferences directed at global growth markets for industry. Along with the Investment Lounge in Hall 6, the exhibition part of the event features industrial locations from around the world, including partners of exporting SMEs such as the German chambers of commerce from around 40 different nations.

A high-caliber opening event devoted to the keynote theme for HANNOVER MESSE – Industry 4.0 – will take place at the beginning of the event on Monday, 13 April. Elżbieta Bieńkowska will speak on the industrial policy goals of the EU. The initiator of the event is Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI), a federal trade promotion agency. Featuring an exciting discussion on the export opportunities spawned by the fourth industrial revolution in combination with smart services, GTAI will bring together international representatives from the from the “old” and “new” economy.

Hannover Messe 2015

Investment Lounge celebrates fifth anniversary

GTAI is moreover a longstanding partner of the Investment Lounge at the Global Business & Markets event, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. The Lounge is dedicated to promoting networking among SMEs concerning international market opportunities and to winning foreign investors for Germany as an industrial location. New partners of the Investment Lounge include the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) as well as Germany’s worldwide network of Chambers of Commerce (AHK). The globally operating trust company InterGest will once again be present as a partner of the Investment Lounge. InterGest helps companies in setting up and efficiently managing foreign branch offices, allowing them to concentrate on sales and customer relations. This year’s official Partner Country, India, is sending its largest financial institute as a new partner to the Investment Lounge: the State Bank of India (SBI), which supports enterprises in initiating and expanding business relations with and from India. Inside India the bank has a market share of 25 percent and maintains an international network covering more than 35 nations and all the world’s time zones.

Events: Entrepreneurship, with a special focus on practice

The partners behind the events staged at Global Business & Markets aim to make access to important growth markets easier. They also want people to share their experiences and facilitate business networking at top management level. That’s why “India Day” has been given the motto of “Practical Experience Put into Practice”. Indian and German companies will share their experience at an event hosted by Maier + Vidorno, GTAI and the German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ ). DIHK and GTAI are inviting visitors to attend a panel discussion featuring international experts speaking on the topic of German-American trade relations. These talks will focus on the negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the United States, which has been named the Partner Country for HANNOVER MESSE 2016, and the EU. Russia Consulting will take a closer look at the current problems involving business relationships with Russia during an information evening, while the 9th German-Japanese Economic Forum will focus on Industry 4.0 and the German Chambers of Commerce abroad will highlight the changes that will result from the many different free trade agreements currently under negotiation. Efficient distribution, the right location, the right legal form – InterGest will discuss these three essentials of a successful presence in Germany in a special event for foreign exhibitors.

Saudi Arabia’s cluster strategy provides ideal opportunities for industrial companies in Germany and Europe. Top-level representatives from Saudi-Arabian industrial policy will explain the goals of the country in the development of globally competitive clusters. The UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) will focus on sustainable industrial development in developing and emerging nations. This is how the organization wants to promote technology cooperation, knowledge transfer and networking. In addition, the Netherlands, last year’s Partner Country at HANNOVER MESSE, will host a “Knowledge Day” on industrial innovations on Friday at the show (17 April).

The Global Business & Markets exhibition: global coverage.

Occupying some 4,500 square meters of display space, the exhibition part of Global Business & Markets features 195 exhibitors from 48 nations and represents a unique forum facilitating global opportunities for industry. HANNOVER MESSE offers first-hand expertise and concrete support in implementing projects abroad, generating worldwide exhibitor interest. As a supplement to the central exhibition stand (Hall 6) of this year’s official Partner Country, India, the Global Business & Markets display includes several Indian exhibitors who rely on industrial cooperation. This includes investment locations, but also industrial associations from the electrical and mechanical engineering sectors as well as industrial enterprises from India. Poland will be represented at Global Business & Markets with a total of three group pavilions and 30 industrial enterprises, including the Polish embassy, the region of Lublin and the Polish trade promotion agency PAIZ. Silk Road Parks will be present at the event with the goal of creating a Eurasian bridge for industrial production – i.e. promoting the establishment of businesses and manufacturing operations in Lithuania, Belarus and China under joint cluster management. The initiative and expertise for this large-scale project comes from Bavaria’s “Chemical Cluster”. And the city of Moscow is also eager for a dialog with the world’s industrial enterprises at HANNOVER MESSE, occupying a stand at the event and presenting an information event focusing on the Russian metropolis’s development of a network high-tech companies.

The Hamriyah Free Zone Authority (HFZA) has been an exhibitor at Global Business & Markets for many years. The zone, which is located in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, is the logistical hub of market access for the neighboring countries and global economic regions. The USA Investment Center is participating again, offering support and advice for technology companies seeking to set up shop in the United States.

Global Business & Markets is the largest export business event in Europe. It is supported by virtually all organizations and associations involved in German foreign trade. The initiators are the Federation of German Industry (BDI) and Deutsche Messe. The patrons are the German Ministry for the Economy and Energy and the State of Lower Saxony.

HANNOVER MESSE – Get new technology first!

The world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology is staged annually in Hannover, Germany. This year’s event runs from 13 to 17 April and features India as the official Partner Country. HANNOVER MESSE 2015 will place a strong emphasis on Industrial Automation & IT, Power Transmission & Control, Energy & Environmental Technologies, Industrial Subcontracting, Production Engineer¬ing & Services and Research & Development.

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