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[HannoverMesse] Master redundancy implemented in POWERLINK stack

Open source high availability

An Open Source POWERLINK Stack

An Open Source POWERLINK Stack

It is now easier than ever to create high availability systems with POWERLINK. Version 2.2 of the openPOWERLINK stack has all the functions needed to implement master redundancy. The Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group (EPSG) will be presenting the new stack at the Hannover Messe (Hall 9/Booth F25).

One of the greatest advantages of POWERLINK-based redundancy solutions is the failover speed. “If one controller fails, there is a hot failover to the standby controller within one cycle,” explains Stefan Schönegger, managing director of the EPSG. High availability systems based on POWERLINK are therefore also suited for especially critical applications, such as in the power sector or the shipping and steel industries. SYS TEC Electronic played a significant role in the development of the POWERLINK redundancy solution.

More than 30,000 downloads

Since POWERLINK is based on one hundred percent open source technology, users have maximum freedom when it comes to implementing their redundancy system. They are not bound to any formalities and are completely technologically independent. So far, openPOWERLINK has been downloaded more than 30,000 times from the SourceForge platform. Version 2.2 will be available for download on the openPOWERLINK project page starting in late April:

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{hannoverMesse] Sercos International records worldwide growth in membership

In addition to new European members Schubert System Elektronik, Germany, Texas Instruments Deutschland GmbH, and Laumas Elettronica S.r.l. in Italy, the user organization experienced a signifcant growth in Asia.

Sercos International records worldwide growth in membership

Sercos International records worldwide growth in membership

Japanese companies such as Denso-Wave and Exluce joined Sercos as well as numerous companies and organizations from the Chinese machinery and technology industries as well as from R&D. Hangzhou Kaierda Robot Technology Co., State Nuclear Automation, Tsino Dynatron Electric Technology (Beijing) Co., and Zhejiang Rigao Machinery Corp. are some that joined the user organization in 2014.

“We see a significant growth of interest in our technology in Asia,“ states Peter Lutz, Managing Director of Sercos International. “Therefore, we organized 4 seminars and various workshops in China in the first quarter of 2015 alone, which were very well attended.“

In Germany, Schubert System Elektronik GmbH utilizes the Sercos technology mainly in automation. In this context, the Sercos bus allows for communication between distributed, decentralized real-time controls, e.g., in packaging machines. While in the past several busses were required to adequately communicate the data for real-time nodes, the Sercos architecture now provides an Ethernet-based bus “bundled in one system” for all automation solutions. “Our membership in Sercos International is not least motivated by the chance to actively contribute to new features in the specifications, thus being able to participate in technical innovations,” explains Tobias Schlier, Business Unit Manager at Schubert System Elektronik GmbH.

“The Sercos III slave is a certified solution on the Sitara™ AM335x from Texas Instruments (TI) and is part of the multi-protocol Industrial Ethernet requirements from our leading Industrial Automation customers,” says Thomas Mauer, System Engineer, Factory Automation and Control, WW Industrial Systems Team at Texas Instruments.

“Sercos III Industrial Ethernet technology provides maximum performance for real-time data exchange while maintaining an open communication channel for additional service functions. This benefit is a reason why we at Texas Instruments opted for membership. Additionally, there are significant discounts for various tools and services associated with the membership.”

More information can be obtained via the Sercos International eNewsletter or website.

About Sercos International

Sercos International is an association of users and manufacturers that is in charge of technical development, standardization, certification and marketing for the Sercos automation bus. Conformance tests guarantee that Sercos implementations are standard-compliant, ensuring that devices from different manufacturers can be combined. Based in Germany, the organization presently has more than 90 member companies located around the world and has national liaison offices in North America and Asia.

About Sercos

The SErial Realtime COmmunication System, or Sercos, is one of the world’s leading digital interfaces for communication between controls, drives and decentralized peripheral devices. Sercos has been used in machine engineering for approximately 25 years and is implemented in over 4 million real-time nodes. With its open, manufacturer-independent Ethernet-based architecture, Sercos III is a universal bus for all automation solutions.

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[HannoverMesse] High performance switches convincing with Power over Ethernet Plus

Ha-VIS eCon Ethernet Switches

Ha-VIS eCon Ethernet Switches

The new Ha-VIS eCon Ethernet Switches offer the complete integrated solution for data and power transfer in one device, while reducing cabling effort and costs at the same time.

Besides stable data communications with a high bandwidth, industrial devices need a reliable supply of power. The new Ha-VIS eCon Ethernet switches from HARTING therefore offer high performance Power over Ethernet Plus for the supply of power to industrial devices.

With a data transfer rate of 1000 Mbit/s simultaneously on all ports and with the support of PoE+, the Ha-VIS eCon series offers functions enabling the efficient and future-proof design of equipment, systems and plants. Over and beyond the PoE/PoE+ standard, we are offering the new switches with an integrated DC/DC voltage converter. In this case the switches can be supplied with 24V instead of the 48/54 V usually required.

This provides users with more flexibility in the connection of end devices and the expansion of the network, saves on components such as power supplies and reduces assembly time and space. Thanks to their compact dimensions, the switches of the Ha-VIS eCon familiy fit in anywhere. With over 200 switch models, users can select exactly the combination of performance characteristics and port combinations that fit the particular application perfectly.

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Internet of Things: Resolution of Key Challenges Enables Mass Implementation in the Future

Acute focus on communication, data management, networking, and security concerns to facilitate seamless transition, finds Frost & Sullivan


The influx of wireless technologies and intelligent devices has resulted in the rapid evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), a disruptive cross industry force expected to transform the manufacturing value chain into a state of hyper-connectivity. While it is only a matter of time before end users see the compelling benefits of real-time data collection and in-depth analysis of multiple process variables from diverse distributed assets, several roadblocks remain to enforce high-level business continuity.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Internet of Things (IoT)—Challenges and Impediments, finds that improving the speed and reliability of communication, enforcing a single standard across the enterprise, maintaining a robust security platform and managing high volume datasets are paramount to the success of the highly dynamic IoT landscape.“Security, particularly for critical infrastructure, is a key concern for end users owing to the number of attack points and potential magnitude of impact,” said Frost & Sullivan Industrial Automation and Process Control Senior Research Analyst Rahul Vijayaraghavan. “As the IoT market moves towards semi- and fully-autonomous control networks, end users will have limited awareness and control in the event of targeted attacks, heightening the risk of sudden disruptions.”

While IoT provides benefits like responsiveness, collaboration, and visibility, there remain concerns surrounding management of high volume data traffic from multiple connected assets.  End users must decide what mission-critical data (safety, financial, and operational) to manage in-house and what data should be progressively farmed out to service-platform providers.

Additionally, to derive value from the data amassed, development of extensible, industry-specific platforms that offer actionable, real-time insights to improve operational productivity should be a focal point for solution providers.

“As data becomes the currency of the future, vendors must further invest in meeting critical end user data storage, management, analytics and ownership requirements,” noted Rahul. “The ability to establish robust strategic partnerships with IoT ecosystem value chain participants will determine if solution providers can sustain growth in the fast-evolving IoT domain.”


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힐셔코리아, 2채널 필드버스 마스터/슬레이브 카드 출시

Two times Fieldbus with just one PCI card

Two times Fieldbus with just one PCI card

실시간 산업용 네트워크 솔루션 전문업체인 힐셔코리아(지사장 원일민, )가 하나의카드에 2채널을장착한 필드버스(Fieldbus) 마스터/슬레이브 카드를 국내 시장에 출시한다. 기존의 CIF-Series와 달리 힐셔 자체 기술로 개발된 network controller인 netX가 장착되어 있으며, 다채널을 지원하는 netX 기술을 통해 출시됐다.

2채널 CIFX-series는 독립된 두 개의 통신 Channel이 하나의 PCI slot에 장착되도록 개발 되었다. 현장에서 사용하는 Controller의 크기가 작아지고 Slot의 숫자가 줄어드는 트랜드를 반영하여 기존에 두 장의 카드를 사용하던 것과 Performance는 동일하지만 크기와 가격은 줄어드는 이득을 사용자에게 가져다 주게 되었다.

모든 카드는 Extended type으로 설계되어 70℃의 사용환경을 제공하고 있으며, 어드레스 설정을 위한 로타리 스위치도 함께 장착되어 있다. 사용자는 주요 필드버스인 PROFIBUS, CANopen, 그리고 DeviceNet을 선택하여 사용할 수 있다. 또한 Firmware의 선택에 따라 2채널 Master 또는 2채널 Slave로 사용가능하다.  2개의 Channel은 동일한 Application Interface와 Data Exchange를 Dual-Port-Memory 통신또는 DMA통신을 통해 제공한다.

카드의 Configuration은 Hilscher에서 공급하고 있는 FDT/DTM 기반의 Configuration tool인 SYCON.net을 통해서 간단하게 할 수 있으며, Configuration tool과 같은 Software, 프로그램 개발에 필요한 매뉴얼, Trouble shooting에 필요한 Guide등 모든 필요자료는 제품에 포함되어 함께 공급된다.

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[신제품] CompactCom NP40에 탑재된 최고의 기술 POWERLINK

HMS CompactCom NP40

Anybus CompactCom 40 시리즈에 POWERLINK 산업용 이더넷 프로토콜이 탑재된다고 EPSG(Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group)가 밝혔다.

새로운 Anybus CompactCom 40시리즈는 디바이스 제조업체들에게19개의 상이한 네트워크 연결과 POWERLINK 를 통한 단독 개발 프로젝트 연결 기능을 지원한다.

Anybus CompackCom은 하나의 산업용 장치를 여러 다른 네트워크에 쉽게 연결시킬 수 있는, 산업용 네트워크 인터페이스이다. CompackCom은 chip, brick, module format을 지원하므로 사용자가 네트워크에 필요한 통합수준을 선택할 수 있다. CompactCom사용자를 위해, 개발된 새로운 CompactCom 40시리즈는 이전보다 쉽게 POWERLINK로 변환이 가능하다. Anybus CompactCom 30시리즈는 이미 수백곳의 자동화 산업장치에 사용된다.

HMS(사의 임베디드 기술관련 제품 매니저인 래이프 맬베르그(Laif Malmberg)씨는 “우리는 미래를 위한 중요한 네트워크 기술인 POWERLINK를 개발했다. POWERLINK는 특히 신뢰성 있는 데이터의 고속 전송이 가능한 고성능 네트워크 기술을 필요로 하는 디바이스 제조업체와 머신 빌더를 위한 솔루션이다.”고 밝히고, “우리는 세계 곳곳의 고객들로부터 POWERLINK지원에 대한 요구사항을 접수 받았고, 이에 대한 대응으로 우리의 최신 제품 시리즈가 POWLERLINK 연결을 지원하게 됐다.”고 말했다.

POWERLINK(는 PROFINET, EtherNet/IP과 함께 필드버스와 산업용 이더넷을 위한 네트워킹 인터페이스인 새로운 Anybus CompactCom 40 시리즈에서 제공하는 최고의 기술이다. CompactCom 40시리즈 인터페이스는 Anybus NP40네트워크 프로세서와 멀티플렉싱, PollResponse Chaingin (폴리스폰스 체이닝)을 지원하는 이더넷 허브가 통합되어있으며, Poll-Request와 Poll-Response간 1 µs의 응답속도를 지원한다.

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[new] Powerful test systems for test benches and vehicles

IXXAT has extended its FRC-EP series with the new, compact FRC-EP170

Powerful test systems for test benches and vehicles

With the FRC-EP series, which consists of the FRC-EP170 and the FRC-EP190, IXXAT offers universally usable hardware platforms for applications on the test bench or in the vehicle, attractive for their high performance, favorable prices, broad range of applications, and support for a wide variety of software solutions.

These devices have FlexRay, CAN, CAN FD, LIN, K-Line, USB, Ethernet, EtherCAT, Bluetooth, and RS232 interfaces, along with analog and digital I/O. Expansion slots make it simple to add other interfaces, including WLAN, GSM, or GPS. This makes the devices scalable, adaptable to specific applications, and ready for the future.

With the new FRC-EP170, IXXAT has now introduced a very compact, cost-effective variant of the familiar FRC-EP190. Both devices have the same processor and the same operating system, making the new variant completely software-compatible and just as powerful.

Thanks to the large number of identical interfaces and its galvanic isolation, extended scalability, and especially its optional EtherCAT slave functionality, the primary target application of the FRC-EP190 is integration with test benches in the automotive communications world.

The handy FRC-EP170 was developed for use in vehicles. Its main application areas are gateway solutions for connection to different ECU integration levels, prototype controllers, expansion of data loggers with additional interfaces, and wireless signal display using off-the-shelf mobile phones or tablet PCs.

Demanding Restbus simulation and gateway solutions can be implemented quickly and easily based on either device, using the corresponding software packages from IXXAT. There are also extensive development packages available for the development of specific solutions. Custom functions and applications can be implemented quickly and easily by customers in-house thanks to the use of the Linux operating system and the availability of a free Software Development Kit. The more information at


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